We Rent Bikes

The Geneva Bicycle Center rents a variety of bicycles for casual and serious riders. The Finger Lakes has wonderful road, off-road, and bike path riding. You don't have to cart your bike on vacation - we have them here for you.

We will provide you with FREE helmet rental with every bike rental. PLEASE WEAR IT! All of our rental bikes have water bottle cages, so bring your own bottle or buy one here.

We also rent rear car racks so you can get where you're going without putting them in your car. (Feel free to call ahead to make sure our racks fit your car.)

There also happens to be a beautiful lakefront bike path two blocks from the shop.

The Types of Bikes We Rent

  • Comfort/Hybrid Bikes
    Upright position, shock-absorbing seat posts, comfy wider seat styles, easy twist shifting etc.
  • Road Bikes:
    NEW PREMIUM road bikes! Lots of carbon fiber, drop handle bars, skinny tires etc. Only recommended if you already own one. A great way to see our lakes.
  • Tandem Bikes:
    A quality two-seater (limited availability)


Rental Bike Pricing Matrix
Bike Type ½ Day Whole Day Weekend 1 Week
*Prices Subject To Change
Comfort/Hybrid $30 $40 $60 $90
Premium Road $55 $75 $130 $190
Tandem n/a $50 $80 $150
Car Rack n/a $8 $12 $20
The Fine Print
  1. You will have to sign a big legalese release.
  2. You will have to leave a credit card authorization (or cash) deposit to cover the price of your bike.
  3. You are responsible for your bike at all times.
  4. You will not be able to reserve a bike unless you pay for the rental in advance and know that the rental price is not refundable for any reason.
  5. Sorry - we are not mean, just business people who have to protect themselves in the modern world.