About The Geneva Bicycle Center

The GBC is the largest inventory in Central New York of bikes, clothes, parts and accessories and has been voted top 100 bike shops in the USA 4 years in a row.

We draw customers from far and wide because of this knowledgeable staff, our incredible selection, warm atmosphere and dependable service department.

This is a serious store with adult full-time year round employees who live, eat and breathe bikes. This crack staff regularly gets compliments and testimonials from our customers, sales reps, and even from other bike shops!

Living in the beautiful Finger Lakes, it is no surprise that road bikes are a big part of our day, but you will find us out on the trails mountain biking a majority of the time. The staff is likely to be out on some epic Utah trail adventure or riding in some 24 hr. mtb race when the boss gives them some free time.

Though we take our own cycling seriously, we are most proud to hear from our casual riding clients who are happy that we take the same time and care with their recreational bike purchase or question.

Any discussion of the GBC has to mention our reputation for road and tri bike sales and fitting. We have the most experience, best reputation and the RETUL 3-D motion capture system for truly state of the art bike fits. Word of mouth for years and years has lead to a steady stream of happy customers, their friends and friend’s friends coming to the GBC to get comfortable, fast and efficient on their bike.